Lincoln Lease Program

Leasing a Lincoln is a Matter of Course with Our Myrtle Beach, SC Lincoln Dealer

When it comes to signing on that proverbial dotted line, it pays to have myriad options. Here at Beach Lincoln, we're proud to offer the Red Carpet treatment. When it's time to step into the driver's seat of the Lincoln MKX of which you've been dreaming, get behind the wheel of that Lincoln MKZ to command the road or take that long-awaited trip in the cockpit of a Lincoln MKC, your choice is on your terms.

Take advantage of one of eight lease periods, such as 24 or 36 months, complete with several mileage options: from 7,500 to 19,500 per year. What's more, if you're planning for the long haul, additional mileage remains available to meet your needs. Plus, you'll find your monthly dues often lower than those of financing on similar terms, with no trade-in necessary. Once your lease term expires, you're welcome to purchase or lease a new Lincoln model, finance your leased Lincoln vehicle, or return it to our Myrtle Beach Lincoln dealership.

Likewise, we make available numerous additional amenities available to accommodate the lives of our Lincoln lease customers. When you lease with us, GAP Protection comes built into your agreement, meaning, upon proper insurance, you may qualify for a difference waiver if your Lincoln is stolen or declared a loss. That means responsibility only for your insurance's deductible and amounts owing on your Lincoln at the time of the incident. Plus, our Advance Payment Program (APP) enables monthly lease pre-payments upfront, one-time, excluding lease-end obligations. That's peace of mind, without the need to worry about meeting deadlines down the road.

Do you have questions or concerns in advance of taking up one of our lease opportunities? We at Beach Lincoln are happy to help. You're invited to get in touch with us here at our 851 Jason Boulevard showroom in Myrtle Beach. Feel free to use our online contact form from the comfort of home or give us a friendly phone call, and as always, you're welcome to stop by for a meet-and-greet. We'll be delighted to accommodate you!

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