Lease End Options

What's Next for My Lincoln and Me? Life After Lease with Our Myrtle Beach Lincoln Dealer

Your term may be up, but that doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to the Lincoln drive-time experience. Here with us at Beach Lincoln, your options remain as open as your travel horizons.

First, you're welcome to finance or lease a new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned Lincoln, or purchase your currently leased vehicle. Are you planning on taking out a car loan? Our Lincoln dealership here in Myrtle Beach offers flexible terms, without restrictions on mileage and with the added perk of future trade-in equity. Plus, we showcase a myriad of exclusive programs as well as valuable incentives and offers on your choice of numerous new Lincoln vehicles. What's more, if you decide to make your leased Lincoln your own, a lease-end purchase price, including taxes and applicable fees, is in your previous agreement.

Should you choose to sign on that new Lincoln lease line when yours is up, Beach Lincoln will be delighted to roll out a new Red Carpet for you. You're invited to take advantage of one of eight lease periods, travel options from 7,500 to 19,500 miles per year with additional available mileage, GAP Protection, and the ability to take part in our Advance Payment Program (APP).

As always, you're welcome to return your Lincoln upon expiration of your lease. Simply get in touch with us for a quick and easy final inspection in advance of taking care of any wear and tear stipulated among your terms. Our Myrtle Beach, SC Lincoln service center will be happy to perform any required maintenance or repair with distinction.

So, before your lease expires, should questions arise or concerns appear, you're invited to drop us a line here at Beach Lincoln. We're conveniently located here in Myrtle Beach, SC, at 851 Jason Boulevard, should you want to stop by to speak to our friendly staff in person. We look forward to making your Lincoln lease-end process as efficient and rewarding as possible!

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