Understand Pre-Collision Assist on Lincoln Vehicles

When it comes to experiencing standout safety, you can expect plenty of standard features on new Lincoln vehicles here in our Myrtle Beach showroom. One feature that everyone enjoys is pre-collision assist, as it helps us watch out for what's in front, and avoid any potential collisions that might happen.

Lots of people ask us how it works, and basically, on any new Lincoln equipped with the technology there is a radar on the fascia, and a camera located near your mirror, and it monitors what's in front of you, and will alert you if there are slower moving or stopped vehicles, along with if pedestrians or other barriers come into view and you've not applied the brakes. There will be a red warning light that you'll see on your windshield, and a chime that sounds. This then triggers the braking as it will use energy so when you touch the brakes, it will apply the pressure needed to stop in time, or in certain cases automatically apply the brakes for you.

You can switch the settings to what you desire, as well to give your Lincoln a custom feel. If you have any questions, our team would be happy to provide you with more details, and help you here at Beach Lincoln today.

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